Thursday, March 03, 2016

Something Needs To Change


For breakfast I have some bread and butter. And while I changed some time ago from clover to butter, it can’t be helping the fact I like my butter cold from the fridge and therefore it is never thinly spread on the bread.


Which must be where some of my extra calories are coming from.


I ponder what could be done about this at the station, only the station, and nowhere else.


Calories isn’t something I want to think about. So I stare at the floor of the station and then the screen of my telephone.


I download snapspeed. It looks better, it is better, it does everything Abode does on a PC but only on your phone. Kind of great if your telephone is 22” in size.


What ever it is I talk about with Steve, he agrees, understands, and won’t bring it up again. What say though is right, I thought the same thing, and about what we said and where we were. As he said it, I’ll be gone before you, well thats alright then isn’t it?


I check my weight on the scales at work in the goods inwards. Pants, something has got to change. Hell, hell hell, somethings got ot change and change quick.


Back on the telephone someone at work points out to my a calorie counter.


I’d liek to say this is going to be interesting, but really I already know thr truth I’ve just seen it.


I miss the early train once more on the way home, although this does give me time to read the notice board.


And at least I do get to sit on the forth carraige


by myself!


Once home I put the trailer on the back of the car and make my way to Willenhall. Once there I find the house and knock on the door. She shows me the fridge, Wow it looks new, yep she says, theres nothing wrong with it, I’ve just been out and got me a large one. I hand over the twenty quid and lift it into my trailer. I strap it well down and they make the journey home, watching it bob up and down in my rear veiw mirror. At home Ilift it out, and into the garage. Now for the big swap and to see if it powers up.


About an hour later and a lot of noise, the beer fridge is back to being full and operational. And with that great thought I went ot bed.

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