Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There is only so much you can say to plants


I get up and the garden is still there. Not much has happened this week and I’ve mainly gardened. It is a never ending task.


During times of austerity shopping last weekend, I had to decide on the box of Tesco 45p box of cornstalks or something dearer. I don't like cheap cornflakes, but I ended up buying them after checking the ingredients and quantities. They were all the same. I got a pack to see if they tasted like cornflakes should. A moment to remember before food becomes so expensive I get thin. As it happens though they do. They are really nice cornflakes.


When I get home my first direct shipment of contact lenses has come. I used to collect them from the store, but that has now all changed.


I look in my contact lens draw. Erm full.


A reshuffle and I’m now ready to sell some on ebay! And yes I only have one green bottle. The blue stuff may well come in handy as weed killer!


I spend another evening talking to the plants. There is only so much conversation though you can have with them until you feel you are being ignored.


I have however done lots of potting, sunflower seeding, where I guess it has been so wet 95% of the seed I have put in have either rotted or been eaten. And with the six bags of soil I got from Asda I have put soil in various areas of the boarders in the hope it might help.


As I say I have done a lot of potting!


I go to bed, I’m still in the back room enjoying the peacefulness of it, and the wonderful plastered walls.


I open a box of chocolates and


eat all by one. Wow these are nice!

And with that I watch this video for the ninth time, still laughing. This is so good. There are other versions of this, but this is the best.


I wonder what Switzerland are thinking?

Monday, June 27, 2016

It Ended So Nicely


I get home and the three bags of soil I requested has turned up. That's great.


And so I get the seeds out and


spend the evening in the garden planting seeds  in the beds, putting soil out


And using every pot I have to plant more seeds. Some will surely grow this time.


I settle on the sofa with some ginger nuts and a cup of tea and


watch the last episode of Mom.


And as things move on


it ends so very very nicely.

Sunday, June 26, 2016



Its been a while since I have posted due to being busy doing things and then being tired from doing things. So I doubt I will catch up on the Blogg and I’m starting here, if I get time I’ll go backwards. So I get a long power lead and connect it to the fridge and the solar panel inverter. Did it work? No.


I had a lie in until 11am and it was nice. But once up and in the garage I got the mower out and well mowed my lawn.


And it so nice again. And so was the weather. I was going to have breakfast but


I could see the neighbours front garden was well over grown and I had not seen them for a bit. I went round and knocked on the door. The news was sad, her husband had passed away when I was on holiday. She was happy for a chat, and I suggested I sorted her lawn out for her. It was the first time my newer battery ever went flat.


While it charged I made some breakfast and enjoyed the outside world.


I went back and finished the lawn and then did it a second time. Wow it is so lovely spongy. Amazing. We had a good chat together. Sometimes we all need some company.


The bamboo I got yesterday and the plant pots from Home Bargains were sorted.


I even planted the three plants, one of which the store holder gave to me to finish of the set they had.


I spent the rest of the afternoon planting seeds.


They should be nice but I need some more soil.


As I wander the garden I notice that the expensive QVC lilies I got this year are truly going to be


something special by the looks of it.


And with that I pack away


And head around my parents for some Sunday dinner.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Saunderfoot Rock


Last night I tried out the back bedroom. Erm it is wonderfully peacful in here. Wonderfully.


And there is such a nice view when you open the curtains.


I have a shower, put the washing machine on and put some bacon and sauage inthe oven. Only to find the bread has gone green.


Luckily I have some riveta. But it really isn’t good for bacon sanwiches.


Its nice being home. Its nice to be here.


I look through some old photos I got from my parents yesterday.


And among them was a post card that my dad sent to me when we were very very young. A time that when there was no work in Britain that he had to go and work aborad. But where was it?


Poland believe it or not. How the circle of life works out.


The washing machine finishes and for once I use the line outside.


Mu mom is dropped off by my dad I and I take her round town. It is nice here as we wander in and out of the shops. I’m sure the highlight was me taking her to the barbers.


Or maybe haveing soem late lunch with me.


There is always something going on here once a month.


Having visited the plant store I get a few plants and six large lucky bamboos.


I also got another version of this book. It has some different things in it! A wonderful read.


We enjoy a bit of time in the garden until my dad comes. Then we all enjoy some relaxing time i the garden. This is The Saundersfoot Rock.


It look nice in real life.


A while later the family is going shopping at Tesco’s. When we get to my brothers I peep around his closed curtains to see how his is doing. It seems to be doing well!


I look around at this and that. With my brother asking you arn’t getting much. Well he is right, I got it in town earlier at my local shops.


Sometime in th Aldi later I’m looking in the bins. I get some more solar lights.


Sometime later I’m back at home and you know what.


I havn’t played this for some time and tonight


I really enjoy it.


Looks like Alan isn’t happy. Humexit – I googled it.


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