Monday, October 31, 2016

The Things You Treasure


I looks so cold outside. Even this bug is trying to get in.


My cactus is trying to flower so nicely. Severely times.


So here is my healthy breakfast. I’m trying to cut back on the cron type breakfasts at the moment.


Right I have a weeks worth of pills, I need to call the doctors.


As I look around I ponder the things I treasure so much still.


All tucked away so nicely.


And with that I head to work. IMG_20161031_131824

If things could go wrong they did, and with that I enjoy a nice icecream at dinner time. It’s mighty fine. If only Matt was here to enjoy one to. Hopefully his new job is better, the lesser commute for him divine.


On the way home I notice the banner. I look at the date and


consider this year I’ll be missing it.


Back at home I have a surprise parcel. Well only because they got here so dam quick. I knew they where coming. All I need now is some snow.

Sunday, October 30, 2016



Today it looks like I’m staying in yo have an amazing day of retro gaming. The CD burner is warming up and hot off the press is…


Rez, is it as good as the PS2 version. I’m not sure. What I do understand though is that the Dreamcast format CD’s or as know GD’s had 1000Mb of data capacity on them so, to fit a game on a standard high capacity CDR 800mb doesn't actually go. To do it, some fiddling goes on. ie they are not straight copies of the disc. The game itself is good, but is all the music there?


Next we have Crazy Taxi 2. Everyone goes mad about Crazy Taxi, but Crazy taxi too doesn't even seem to get a mention.


ooohhh wow it is good.


Now this exercise isn’t just about getting all the games. IT about finding the games that are worth buying the originals.


However some games on this website never actually made it to the shops. Here is one of them, Half-life.


Next Hellsgate, a multi player games really that, well really needs online multiplay. Otherwise it appears to be pants.


Then we have Gauntlet Legends. Hack and slash, but really at its finest.


Then I come across this little Starwars game.


Its racing pods, and this game is subtle fun. Yeah I enjoyed it.


With so much flat screen watching I decided to try my helmet on and attemp my first cycle ride. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go, so I took my OS map. Then got my bike out. Erm two flat tyres. Eventually worked out where the pump was and blew them up. So where did I head off too?


Well what I decided to do was head north up the road going upwards towards the Pye Green Tower. Then when I got tired all I would have to do would be to turn around. As it happens I carried on over the top of the hill and down to the mountain bike area in Cannock Chase. It took me some 30 minutes to get there, which was mighty quick.


Here I sat down at a bench and relaxed, listening to the children play in the background with one ear and the infernal racquet from other. Will I ever get used to it? What was scary was not hearing the cars on the right hand side of me! And while like most things there is some kind of sensation missing I enjoyed the cycle, I enjoyed the fresh air being pumped into my lungs.


So this is where I have come to. I live just off the bottom left of the map. Amazing or what. However I left it until late to come out so it is time to head back but before I do I need to check to see if my lights work or not.


A while latter very tired I’ve nearly made it back up to the tower. All down hill nearly from here on.


And yeah once back home I can confirm the lights did work.


Great I need a quick shower and change because


It’s my parents wedding anniversary and


we are going out for Sunday meal togeather as a family.


AS it happens the meal is really nice. I have a starter before this


And really enjoy it.


And with that I settle in for the night watching another episode of Teabag or is it Fleabag? Amazing, I just can’t remember.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Yu Suzuki


I have a mooch in my back garden, well I had to go to the compost bin anyway.


The nasturshions are made and the garage is still being covered slowly.


Like I said the nasturshions are mad!


I tidy up some of the plants and enjoy the fact that some sunflowers are still trying to make a go of it.


And then I head into town to do some shopping. And then I think to myself that I have nothing to go home for, so like last week I might as well go to the pub. So I do!


I also order nacho's to share although I have no one to share them with this week. About 1/4 of the way down the pint, it goes to my head when


I find I have won those snowboarding boots I placed and ebay bid on. What a time to win some. No holiday booked this year. But I have some more boots now. Well I’d been looking for a long time. So I thought if the price is right what harm can it do. I go to the travel agent, ask for a brochure and then


get the bus home.


Just to reassure you I did go shopping and not just the pub, here is the washing up liquid I brought.


A while later my brother drops off a large monitor and two video cards and a replacement DVD burner.


The DVD burner goes in first and then I have to choose which card. As it happens the twin fan one is better but I don’t have the connecting cables to utilise it. So in goes the smaller one.


First though we have to get out the video card that is already in there, somewhere.


And here is is out.


In with the new one and a while later…


I have the 3D modelling package up.


I have a play on it. Yep now set up to relearn how to use this. Mean while I try the CD burner out.


Which leads me back to the Dreamcast.


Yay 18 wheeler followed by


The arcade perfect Crazy Taxi.


Its a blast but to better this.


The Yu Suzuki game works disc works even though its a Japanese version and on this is his, Space Harrier, Super Hang on, Power Drift and


Outrun. But is it the best outrun version? Hell it is, it is. So many happy outrun hours coming up.


And with that I bring myself back to earth by watching an iplayer program about loneliness. This probably wasn’t the program to watch right now!


And luckily or not I watch all the Teabag series I can before going to bed. Or was that Fleabag?


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