Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In God We Trust


I put the new shoes on for the first time. They seem a tight fit.


I put the tie on


and look at the clock. It is time to say goodbye, to hope nothing is oozing out of my ear and down my fresh sparkling white collars. I reach for a cloth in the car and give it another wipe. I wait in the congregation queue for the family to appear and head on over to meet them.


Many hours later it was good to have seen turn out so large for two people whom always welcomed me, feed me well, particularly on a lot of Christmas’s, made me laugh on occasion but most importantly have left me with two great friends to continue life with.


And as sometimes wakes are, it was good to see everyone, catchup and all be together for a while once more. In God We Trust their safe keeping.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Pain I’m Not Used To


At 5am having constantly woken up through the night with my ear hurting more and more, I hit the limit of how much pain man can take. I call my dad to see if he’ll run me up to a hospital to see a doctor and hopefully some help from the now excruciating pain.


After a discussion of where to go, we head to New Cross Hospital the only place we can think off that maybe open. We arrive and I’m assessed fairly quickly, where they type a letter put it in an envelope and tell me to head for a different department and to give it to them. Here I’m kept waiting an age. Someone else moans about the wait. There is only four of us. I’m seen and after an examination its confirmed I have an ear infection and a high temperature. I’m given a prescription and the search for the wonder drops begins.


Sometime later back at home….Now your not meant to put more than a couple of drops in a day. But when ever I woke up in agony, I’d put some more in. Is this stuff going to work? if so when? And then suddenly I slept until 3pm.


I played some chess on the sega game gear until the batteries died.


I watched some Rosanne on my side, with more drops in, feeling helpless.


Then for a while in the late evening the pain reduced.


The hospital sent me a text, wow, but by 4 am I was in agony again, and thinking I needed to see a doctor again. More drops and then I feel asleep once more. Was I going to get better enough in time for tomorrow?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

It Started Ear


I didn’t get much sleep. My bad ear has had ear ache all night.


And it hurts so much. I won’t be putting my hearing aid in today. It is so sore, so painful.


I stay in bed a while and watch QVC.


Their gardening time is on and I buy some plants. They are always good, if a bit pricey. Some are going to come each month so that the expense is eased. Hopefully they will be great.




IMG_20170129_213611 IMG_20170129_213715 IMG_20170129_213733 IMG_20170129_213750 IMG_20170129_213549


And with that hopefully the garden will grow.


I get Uncharted 2 out, Among Thieves. Will it be as good?


We are about to find out.


And so the story starts. A bacon sandwich later and I put the trailer on the car.


I stop round my parents to say hello to the cat.


She doesn’t want to say hello back.


And then I head off to Gary and Sarah’s house to play with their 7 month baby Cate a while, eat cake, have tea and enjoy a chat with Gaz. We talk child, and DIY. She is so well behaved its unbelievable.


They give me the draws they have kept so long for me. Now where shall I put them. Really I wanted them in one of the bedrooms. But there is no ideal space. But here in the living room they look okay.


Neat I think.


I wash the cars and then


head to the Bridge House to meet the parents for a Sunday carvary.


My ear really is giving me some jip. Do I need to go tot he doctors in the morning. Right now I just want to go back to bed it is doing my head in so much.


They turn up and


like always here we enjoy a lovely dinner in peace.


And with that I head home to go to that bed I so need.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Some Idiot Ordered Chips


I get up and do some chores. Among them is vacuuming and paying for the ski holiday. I wonder what the snow out there looks at the moment?


Much later than scheduled a boy with not much hair is standing at the front door way. With him he has brought another Sega Game Gear, with Columns and it works!


We sit have a cup of tea and chat before


nipping out for some afternoon dinner. Unexpectedly this place was rammed. We had to wait a short a short time at the bar, while they prepared a table right in front of the log fire.


While I have meant to return to this establishment for nearly two years, it has taken until the time the person with a Lotus has popped on by again, which was where we went then.


Wow we even had starters, me red peper soup, wow.


And Matt some pork bites.


He enjoyed them so much.


Mains came. I had a big bun and chilli


While Matt had retro 70’s chicken in a basket.


Although I pointed out the basket was more like WWII metal dinner plate.


Yeah for some reason I thought I’d needed chips. I was very wrong. And the chilli inside the empty bun as so god dam nice. Tasty, yummy lovely.


I asked Matt if he minded driving to the Orbital Center as I had some shoes to collect that I had ordered, at the Foodhall. Not that I knew where Marks and Spencer's is there. At first I had a bad feeling that I was going to have to ask a food guru about shoes. But right a the back of the store in the corner was a collection desk.


Lets hope they fit.


They certainly look shiny for Tuesday.


Mat leaves to head to his sisters, and its time for me to try my look at getting a bit further.


Its one of those odd moments that while I struggled with the scenario originally this time I slowly worked my way through it and moved on in the story line.


In fact we moved on a lot.


Wow we found the treasure.


Then a helicopter came.


And the treasure.


Well that was lost thankgod.


Which leaves only one thing.


The happy and romantic ending.


Wow Naughty Dog,


That was so dam good. Why did I not get it in 2007 when it was released?


I get out the game gear and the cartridges I’ve got. Oh no, its topped working!!!


Eventually though the columns game that came with it started working again. It would appear its the cartridges that are at fault! And with that Sonic works, and columns. Time for bed I think and tonight I sleep in the back bedroom.


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