Monday, January 23, 2017

I Went for a Loaf


I go to Morrisions on the walk home for a loaf. I don’t come out with one from there though. Nope instead I come out with some plants. One Lilly in a pot.


And several foliage plants


That looks better


I put one in the big yukka at the top of the stairs.


In the collection I also have a small rose plant. I pick one that has not budded yet.


It looks like npower are going to pop back in the morning. Good look to them. Noted they only want a gas meter reading. I make a mental note that since they installed the new meters, the app no longer works for me. Although the app shows they took an electric meter reading when they swapped the meters. But not a gas one. I ponder….


I watch some more Roseanne. I’m about half way through now, season 5 episode 17.


And unlike me I’m so keen to now enjoy the story in the book I read it in bed.


But soon I’m sleepy and ready to close my eyes.

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