Saturday, January 21, 2017



You know when you have searches on ebay and you are waiting for the right item in the right place. Patience is a virtue and all that. Well several options came up to day. I sent one of them an offer and that I would collect instead of them posting.


As it happens they accepted promptly and I took the MX5  to Stoke for a drive. And today her brakes were fine. A bit of use has helped no end.


Sometime later I arrive home and open the boot. Its amazing what you can get in an MX5 boot.


I take it out and head to the spare bedroom.


Sometime later after I have pulled a couple of miles of aerial cable through the hole it already poked through and I already new there was a couple of miles of lead which goes to each room hidden under the loft insulation. I start the tuner.


A while later the 24” widescreen Panasonic TV was up and running. Fantastic. For a while I go and play Drakes Fortune.


Then Matt P and Naughty Norf come round. We play doom.


They tell me how dam good the sound system is in the front room.


I ponder if the neighbours think the same and turn it down.


I order a Indian in for us all from my favourite delivery place Indulge. And so we do in beer, food and Dooming.

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