Thursday, January 26, 2017

That's Me


Well the train was very late last night, train two that was, and it was cold, very cold. This morning I’m sitting on the platform left suddenly thinking, I’ve been sitting here a while.


The sign above me wasn’t working, so I walk down the platform to the next one. Erm that says the next train is 9am. I look at my app. Well that's a load of bollocks. I’ve been sat here waiting for it. It just hasn’t turned up. You’ll note that they haven't even given it a platform. It only ever runs from platform 3.


I whirl the time away looking how the pound is doing and considering when I play for the snowboarding holiday in Euros. Truth is now, I’ve got to pay it within 7 days.


I get home alight. But that's after a visit to the pub and


The barbers next door.


Perhaps one pint is too many really.


At home I do something I should have done years ago. You know those photo frames on the stair case that have been up with the standard photo in them from the shop.


Not anymore!


Yes that's better, although I only had certain photos on my PC at work.


And with that I open the box that has come. It is my replacement phone. And thus finding it won’t connect to either my Motorola razri or nexus 5, I resort in slowly installing the apps myself.


And with that I start season 6 of Rosanne.

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