Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Appointment


The world is an amazing place.


At Midday I leave the office and head for the station.


I await my London Midland Chu Chu.


And ponder the future. Is what is about to happen going to be wonderful, or terrible? Is it going to work? Or is it not? Until its tried you never know. At this point I can be no worse off. Its so odd, that since the last appointment my hearing has changed and the buzzing in my head too. Maybe now I have finally got used to it anyway.


I decide to check if my faulty phone has made it back yet. I look up the number.


put the code in and


find that it has.


And with that it is time to change trains.


At least the story is more interesting now as I turn the pages of my book.


We are nearing Cannock, this is it then.


A short walk and I’m at the Chase Medical Practice.


I enter, and go to the reception desk. “Have you used the dirty, germ contaminated screen to book in sir?” “No I haven't and I’m not likely too either”. The other receptionist says, “no need for him he's come for the audiologist and is the only person for today”.


And with that I take a seat.


A while later I’m reading the paper work.


Considering how large that said it was going to be, when they got it out of the box I said good god that's small, you said it was going to be big and not a behind the ear unit.


So this is it. Small and loud.


And behind the ear. Now the sound I hear isn’t perfect, and speech isn’t brilliant either, in a way the ear doctor was right in both counts, of it not being perfect, but having a sense of balance of sound directional is great. Joy oh joy, was it so very, very, very, very wonderful to hear sound in the right ear. Now I’ve got to get used to it as the ear nerve hasn’t been used for a such a long time. But wow it helps not hear the whistling in the head either. I want to cry with joy.


I go for a walk around town, and treat myself to some dinner in Taylors. Scampi and chips yummy.


Matt meets me in town, where I have done lots of shopping and he has for some reason a big office chair in the back of his car! We talk we play PS4 and then we go to the pub, on the way for some tea.


I take him to the really nice place, the one furthest from my house, and closest to the railway station. Its bound to be a treat and it is.


Wow its so nice, and even better and unexpected, main meal items were two for one. Which oddly, Matt had to take home!

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