Monday, January 30, 2017

The Pain I’m Not Used To


At 5am having constantly woken up through the night with my ear hurting more and more, I hit the limit of how much pain man can take. I call my dad to see if he’ll run me up to a hospital to see a doctor and hopefully some help from the now excruciating pain.


After a discussion of where to go, we head to New Cross Hospital the only place we can think off that maybe open. We arrive and I’m assessed fairly quickly, where they type a letter put it in an envelope and tell me to head for a different department and to give it to them. Here I’m kept waiting an age. Someone else moans about the wait. There is only four of us. I’m seen and after an examination its confirmed I have an ear infection and a high temperature. I’m given a prescription and the search for the wonder drops begins.


Sometime later back at home….Now your not meant to put more than a couple of drops in a day. But when ever I woke up in agony, I’d put some more in. Is this stuff going to work? if so when? And then suddenly I slept until 3pm.


I played some chess on the sega game gear until the batteries died.


I watched some Rosanne on my side, with more drops in, feeling helpless.


Then for a while in the late evening the pain reduced.


The hospital sent me a text, wow, but by 4 am I was in agony again, and thinking I needed to see a doctor again. More drops and then I feel asleep once more. Was I going to get better enough in time for tomorrow?

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