Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wo Me


You know when you think your better but actually your not. Well the parents were coming round but it took them that long I left and started walking up to the town center, where by I soon realised I wasn’t well. I needed to go to the bank hence couldn’t wait any longer. My mom though was dropped off in the town center and joined me. We did some shopping and we had some dinner then we did some more shopping, when the bidy alarm went off with go to bed, get to bed, now, now, now. We stopped the shopping and made our way to the bus station. The bus was in thankgod.


The bus dropped us off at the driveway and I headed inside. The post man had been. I opened the envolopes and one contained some good news. I smiled, and made a mental note that I needed to see my boss on Monday. And then I went straight to bed. Wo me, there was nothing physically wrong with me other than my body want to sleep, and sleep now.

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