Thursday, February 09, 2017

Deep Thought Bot


I’m read to continue my journey through the galaxy, although right now.


I’ve not got very far.


In fact I’ve only got to Walsall where chu chu two is late.


Late changes to delayed without a time and then, it disappears off the board!!!!


I let London Midland know, that the awaiting passengers are no longer aware of what is going on.


Mean while it is nice to know I’m not alone in this galaxy.


Sometime later in the afternoon I’m back on a train by 3pm.


And while it may feel like I’m travelling with the Vogons, I’m not. I’m off to see the audiologist.


Its going to be interesting as the hearing aid is working. When there, I explain about the ear infection, I get the hearing aid turned up, even after he said you can turn it up on the unit its self. I do everytime I put it on now. Oh Okay. And then we went through how it helps and doesn’t. What sounds I can hear, and what I can’t, and what I do that don’t sound like they should. Expressly I ask if can turn cars, lorries and train engine noises off as all I hear is white noise, load white noise, and from miles around. It is done, and he tries to make speech clearer for me. We laugh as we chat about setting it up in here the quiet white room is nothing like what is actually heard outside, and he is happy for me to return as many times as is necessary to get me the best of what we can with it. He changes the pipe to a breathable one and is shocked at how sore my ear has become again, when he makes me suddenly back to the wall when he pops it in my ear and I shift in pain. He wants me to leave it out for a couple of days to let it settle again, and to make an appointment to have my ears syringed. He can do it here but needs me to get an instruction from my doctors. So off to my doctors I go and have a chat to the receptionist to see if she can ask the doctor on my behalf instead of having a doctors appointment. This can be done, if he wants to see me they will call. And so off I go to meet my parents for some tea at a pub.

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