Friday, February 03, 2017

Not So Smart


Oh how exciting, I immediately log onto npower to have a look.


of course I wish I hadn’t. So much for the smart meters. They have gone on to using estimates like the last email I had from them said.


Well I tried giving you a reading ad your app wouldn’t have them, and you then told me I didn’t need to as you had put smart meters in and you would take readings when required. Interestingly though the web page has a statement on it,


“As your gas meter is not yet smart we still need readings for both your gas and electricity meters, if you prefer you can leave the electricity meter reading blank and we will estimate using your last actual smart reading.”


Not so smart then!


The web page will take a reading. Oddly though the gas shows 1460 or something and I type in the actual reading.


of 300. Are you sure it comes up? Yes I am. I ponder if this meter is not smart, how is it communicating with the wireless smart display unit on usage. Because it does!


I also put in the electricity meter reading which has also been reset to zero, only they seem to know this.


I look to confirm it has taken the readings.


So it has. I now await the next bill for a couple of million pounds for the gas I have used.


After work I head round the Poades for a cup of tea.


He orders in some delicious ribs and eat them while watching the behaviour of animals through spy cameras.


Eventually I try to get back into work as I have left my house keys on the desk, only I forgot about the new security system, and its very hard to get in now. Can you believe they wanted to know who I was! about 15 minutes later the gate opened and I was in and out.

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