Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One of Those Nightmare Moments


Normally I would leave putting the roof box on the car to the last minute. This time though I don’t. I work late, its raining hard, its dark, I’m tired and yet I still go round to my parents, get the roof box out with my dad, and try and fix it to the cars roof beams. Now we have never been aboard in my dad’s car so this is a first, along with using the roof box. What I wasn’t expecting was for the brackets of the roof box not to fit. It was one of those nightmare moments, of oh god, oh god.


So the U clamp brackets did not fit. They were not long enough, something about my dads roof beams meant longer ones were needed. Could this be true. Can you get them? It was off with the roof box and back behind the shed while I got onto the internet to see if there was some available or even exist.


As it happens I found an ebay store that was based in Wolverhampton, that linked to their web page, which showed they specialised in roof boxes, brackets and hiring of such like and bike carriers. On there store it showed they had the required brackets of that length. Yes there was two sizes available, although now my roof box was classed as a vintage Halfords one. This of course though didn’t mean they had them in stock. I emailed. And the next morning I called, and called, and left a message for them to call me back. They did eventually, and you know what. They only had 2 of four! I sent my dad round anyway and they said they would see what they could come up with. I get a call from my dad a bit latter and he explained that as soon as they saw the roof beams they said ah Thule do a set of brackets especially for these roof beams. And amazingly they were great. They fitted, it was all tight, and it was fixed. Yes a huge box on the roof fixed with 4 off M6 pins essentially. While it all look right, they were so small I didn’t believe it. So the next night it was fitted. Could you believe, no I couldn’t, and that set the whole getting ready back by one day, well actually it didn’t because there wasn’t a day to spare!

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