Thursday, February 16, 2017

One Step Closer To The Next Big Thing


The course takes the same path it always does, its no imagainable, its the same as it was, only lighter.


In my bag though is something different, although the same.


Light weight, made of paper, different cover, same journey, same people, same objectivity.


Its quick for me to sink back into it, to let the mind flow, where the aurther wants to take us.


I wonder though on this journey, how long it will take us to reach the destination, and once there, what will be on the menu?


If there is a destination, I’m not sure about it. It is time though to move


my clothes into the back bedroom. I stay in here the longest. Here, I’m most comfortable. Here I can hide, in the cosyness of nothingness. Where I can look out on that Greeness so very often and beyond.


and then I jump back to a story, anther story, one that takes me far away,


where I can play act, adventure, curiosity, and difference. I should be packing though, I should be but I don’t. I want to continue the adventure, so I do…..

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