Friday, February 17, 2017

Sight Seeing


Today I go to work in the car, I got to work in the car as on the way home, I’m not going home, not to my home, although it feels like my other home. I arrive later than expected, but earlier than originally anticipated. A message is received that I should not worry, The train is late by ten minutes. This is good. I’m a boy, so ten minutes is enough to change into anything I want to, but I should keep my eyes open. I meet in the street took indoors and I do the magic of transforming into me, that it then we are off down the road, to the station, I’m humming, I’m excited, not because of the chu chu travel but of the company.


On the chu chu, Zoe takes something out of her bang, I give it a sip. It is most questionably and IPA. Is this wise? Well its Friday night and she pulls another out of her hat. We chat and drink, and arrange to meet Alan at the station. Here I could have a bit specific tunna and cucmber sandwhich. I could but I don’t, I go posh and have salmon and soft cheese. And thus the walk beings a walk to somewhere new, somewhere I’ve not been to before. That swift pace is kept up, and longer than you think and we are here. We are…..


Home. Or as Alan put it well done Nack its now sold out. There is an air of excitement I can feel it, even though it is not my excitement. After all, I don’t know why we are here. How is Ben Wheatly? And Freefire? Is this an act of god, are we to be burnt to death? Is he an arsonist? Are we getting matches. Am I actually home?


I relax in the seat and watch something with the volume turned way up. I might be deaf on one side, but I heard that through my skull. I saw that at point blank range. Can this be true. Is this Brighton? How many bullets have they got in their pocket? Are they heading to the Restaurant at the End of The Universe. They appear to be dressed for it. It would appear most of them are.


I’m not sure who Michael Smiley is, but he doesn't seem to like Hughes Grants acting much. And I’ll be honest I don’t recognise Ben Wheatleys face. But then should I?


As far I as I know they could be actors. But that is as far as I know, and as of yet I haven't even been as far as that restaurant at the end of the universe. I really should go. Should I make plans to go? Or should I just go?


Alan recognises them and takes a photo of them. I recognise Alan and take a photo pf Alan, taking a photo of them, whom he as recognised.


Don't even ask, I have no idea who the man in the middle is either. He doesn't seem to know much about his guests either, he keeps asking them lots of questions. And when he runs out of questions, he gets the audience to ask questions. I only have one question to ask. Its probably not appropriate though even though I’m wearing my KLF tee-shirt. I wonder if somewhere in this crowd they are here?  Apparently it was Brighton. Apparently he doesn’t like working to far from home, apparently he also directed Sightseers! Apparently he is loved for his work in film. Apparently I like him too then. Apparently I should know him. Apparently I should recognise him. I’ve never seen his face before though. I remember faces well, not names but faces, I wonder if he wants something to eat?


And with that we go in search for food, we start our journey, will it, I wonder take us to the end of the universe. Tomorrow we will find out………

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