Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Surprise


I get up early and set out to do what it was I was going to do yesterday.


I check that we are all board and then set off north with the roof down heading towards.


Bollington. I take the opportunity to say hello to the Jerds family and to check their house out. As it happens Mr Jerds wasn’t around. I leave with a card and present and get a gift that was meant to be my birthday present last June! However I got to tread on the lush, soft grassy lawn, to have a cup of tea and to get the grand tour.


After which I go on a grand tour of my own.


Top down and heading towards the Goyt Valley.


Final destination Buxton Burger King for dinner,


If they have one.


It had been so, so very long since I’d gone roaming aimlessly in my toy.


And whilst there was little signal out here Alan texted me a reply.


Which meant I had to get the map out and work out where I actually was.


And so I turned around.


In the hope of a cup of real tea.


And a cuddle with Mr Tickle.


First though


I went to see the reservoirs


Which I had been to before on a walk with Alan to some cemetery and ruins hidden away.


Well here I am. DSC_0605

And the main road from here was a whizz to drive on.


From here I set the sat nav to take me the quickest way cross country.


And before you knew it


I was at Poynton, washing my car with Zoe, as she was just finishing hers off. I was even given a cup of tea by her mom.


In our freshly cleaned cars we head over to Stockport. Apparently we are going to Rosie's to eat, what a nice surprise. Thankgod I didn’t go to burger king after all.


I get some cream as requested and then some money from the cash machine at the One Stop. And there by the cash machine on a shelf were some car air fresheners for 25p. I take four and go to pay. He tries to charge me 48p for them in total, and being honest point out they are twenty five pence each. But oh no, they are 12.5p each as he can’t get rid of them. Apparently he has had them a year for £1 and no would buy them. Today though he has sold 30 odd. I consider wiping the shelf out.


After a visit to the post office, we are round Rosie's, she is busy cooking something up in the oven, while Zoe is busy trying to give us all a cold. We eat a wonderful dish, as she always cooks wonderfully and then I help whisk up a chocolate pudding using Alan’s big big jaw breaking chocolate bar. I whisk and whisk and whisk until it is thick, unit it is creamy, until it is airy, and by the looks of it very,very chocolatey. I don’t say any thing about the chocolate, I know I would be outvoted anyway and some I like it. I whisk some more, I’m good at whisking. We get out the game I got Alan and Zoe for Christmas. While at first it seems complicated it is n fact simple. Alan does his best to out shine us all from the beginning, getting over 100 points very quickly before slowing down and letting us all catch him up. But we never do. The game is excellent, the food is excellent and the company too. When I got up this morning I never expected this Sunday to be like this.


Before I go home I feed the toy, I have too or I’ll never make it, and I remembered that they close the motorway down to 1 lane every weekend now at 10pm, so I didn’t stay late.


However when I got to my end the main road is also closed.


I head down the lanes instead and cover my car in dirt.


And I arrive to say hello.


I look down.


My passenger is still with me.


Once home I put the rest of the cream Rosie gave me back in my fridge.


I unwrap my gift and head to bed, I’m so very tired.


That car is very tiring to drive.

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