Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Truth Is


It’s going to be a quiet weekend from now. I wake up. Open the curtains and look out.


Even though its been really windy, everything in the garden is still standing.


Although there are quite a few fence panels missing from the neighbours house.


In the front across the road things look bead too.


For me though, I’m staying in. Necessity more than anything.


And so we go for a run through season 9 of Roseanne.


It’s all lie of course. All a dream? Nope all in her head?


They say it is weird series, season 9.


But like most things in life, it all comes about to the circle of life.


Something changed, Dan never did survive his heart attack, and from episode two of season one, the last episode makes it,make all sense. One small thing changed leading to everything changing.


And this is it, this isn’t the reality, this is all fiction, all based on something real, but not real in itself. I got there in the end. I’m glade I did. Now I’m here though, where do I go next?

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