Thursday, March 23, 2017

And So The Universe Ended.


Yeah I missed train travel. I’m still not sure which I prefer.


Reading while driving isn’t on though.


The adventure continues and I’m keen to see what happens after the tv serires ends.


As they don’t follow the same order of events, but do have the events in both its weird. But here the Universe ended.


After work I get my MX5 working and head round my dads to see how the car is going. Crucially the front is off and the alternator free wheeling pulley isn’t freewheeling anymore. Just what I guessed. It causes all kinds of trouble. The trouble is getting it off. We try frantically in the dark. But its solid on and its dark.


Back at home, I put my cans on, and use my Ipod through the Dream Machine – the alarm clock to you. Oddly like this I can listen to music. Its not great but I can listen to it and enjoy it with cans. Sometimes we have to except the limitations of the situation and enjoy what we can. And hence I played my favourite Depeche Mode tracks.


and with that Goodnight world.

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