Saturday, March 25, 2017



I wake up early. It looks lovely outside.


I've got a couple of rashers of bacon and a couple of buns, and so put the frying pan out and cook up a lovely smell. I look at the table in the garden and decide to that's where I’ll be having breakfast. I relax in the sunshine, before heading to the ear clinic with my mom and dad in tow.


At the ear clinic both doctors remember me, and ask separately in a personal manner how I’m doing. I tell them the main ear doctor that he was right that I can’t hear with the hearing aid, but the sound it provides to my ear is helpful to my head. I feel balanced with it and if I take it out I instantly notice the void of nothingness and want to put it straight back in, its helping with life, sometimes I have to turn it off in certain situations when it makes things worse not better. However the head balance is a big bonus, The chatter goes on to the ear infection I had and apparently even though I don’t realise it still have, when they suck my ear out and have a look. So I need to see the GP again. All is well apart from that. I head back into town with my parents. We do some shopping and then


I treat them to dinner. It was nice to relax with them.


We re-joined the real world and did some more shopping,


I even take the opportunity to go to Wilkos for the last time for me as this is the last Saturday it is open.


Back at home I get busy.


I put all the trellises up. Hopefully this will all be green in the summer. I plant some QVC plants which should climb and be ever green, and some other clematises, and some lilies.


I mow my lawn, I mow the next door neighbours.


And then we have a nice long chat togeather in the warmth of the sunshine.


And as it get slightly chilly, I decide to light a log, and get a beer and admire my handy work.


It slowly goes dark, but it is warm, it is very warm, I found the old front room blind I put aside for an occasion like this. Man did it burn, Did it burn well.


The embers stayed warm though.


The lamps Les got me for my birthday last year have to to life.


And look good once more. Well all but two.


As the fire died down, I smelled myself.


I smelt of smoke. I ran the bath, and too my beer with me.


Ooooh so nice on the toes.


And that pillow I got for the bath is so nice to put my head on. So very nice.


I made me a ham sandwich with corn bread and headed to the retro room.


The night ended with an adventure.

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