Thursday, March 30, 2017

Six By Nine


Yeah I know how to start the day, well there are plenty of strawberries and


plenty of cream.


While I’m devouring this tender breakfast I amuse myself by reading my council tax bill for this year and how they are going to invest the money I give them.


It’s not long before I’m on the train. Which is a good thing and isn’t. Its a good thing as I’m about to reach the last page of the book. And before I do I find out the answer to life, everything and the universe is in fact 6 multiplied by 9.


And the bad thing is that I do get to the end of the book.


What an amazing journey. This is where it ends.


But in fact I understand that this is where it actually just begins.


For the UK, Europe, the World and the Universe, we are duly bound to start an new adventure. An adventure outside of the E.U. but remember we will still be part of Europe. Some adventures can just become too big, too wide, to short sighted. DSC_2173

Amongst the world of the life in the garden this acer is once more struggling to grow. But trying it is once more.


And where there is a struggle to live, plants are thriving. Enjoying the race for life.


In the front I decide it is time to try and grow something colourful. I create a boarder under the privet.


The herb garden is an abundance of life once more.


I sign the book. I get it, It ends where it starts. How Improbable was that? And then put it away for ever more.


As it happens today the post man has been. Here I have a new tee shirt depicting Depeche mode.


And even better a spanner set.


ooo yeah, now I’m looking forward to mending my car.


Take a look at the size of that!


And also we have some retro gaming through the door.


It might be on the Megadrive but its not Mega anymore. Especially without a save option!


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