Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Fair Few Other Words


As I’m using my MX5 a lot at present I thought it might be wise to try and get rid of the tappy noise, which can sometimes be cured by replacing the exhaust manifold gasket. It is sunny and I’m in no rush to do anything. And so I go round my parents and open up the bonnet.


I get the tools out and start to undo things.


At this point I wasn’t expecting any issues, that was at this point.


The point at which I came to put the gasket on though, I was in for a frustrating shock. I turned the gasket round, flipped it over, starred at the exhaust and then looked at it again. Have they sent me a gasket for a 1.6? Or have I ordered a gasket for a 1.6? No it can’t be can it? I whip the web up and look. Noooooo, even though they have my car marked as a 1.8 ontheir system they still sent me a 1.6 gasket and never questioned it, when I ordered it wrong. What is the point of that system then? Bollocks came to mind with a fair few other words.


So I cleaned the old gasket up, I cleaned the faces and put her back together using plenty of copper grease. I fired her up and watched the grease burn slowly and smellingly.


And then you know what, as it was so sunny I decided


to redo the trye lettering. And once that was finished, I did it on the Skoda too. And then I felt so good,


That I took the Skoda apart again and check what was wrong. Erm it would appear it is the cheap Chinese power steering pump. Oh well. I’ll have to sort out another.


And with that I tidy up.


Oily and greasy it comes to mind about something I could do with my dad tomorrow. I ask him that if I feel like it, would he be interested. He would so that seed was planted.


I get back home and check on my plants, sad I know. The asparagus plant is turning into a palm tree!


And all around we have colour.


I so like my garden now.


And hiding here and there are a few special blooms!


Wow look how wide this one has opened.


I feed the birds and then


sit back and relax until the sun goes down.


I follow this with a night in watching and catching up on Iplayer with Dr What?

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