Sunday, April 16, 2017

Free Range


Sunday and its glum outside.


I decide to try my suit on before it goes into the wardrobe to never be seen again.


Yes very nice.


Yeah I can look smart.


In fact I like looking smart.


Perhaps it is my more mature look now.


I look outside. It is cold out there though.


So I stay in the retro room and have some strawberries and cream.


Cheryl says she has too many free range eggs from her chicken coup. I go and buy some off her. It has been a very long while since I have Cheryl in the flesh. She shows me her chicken coup which is her garden, which is a big as my garden, only now grassless due to the chickens. Eggs isn’t the only thing I get from her.


I also get 3 buckets of free range chicken poop for my garden, Some how I think the boot is going to be a bit wiffy for a while.


And with chicken poop in my boot, I go and meet the parents at the Bridge in Penkridge for dinner. Erm my tooth hurts, I mention. And then stuff my face with a lovely carvery.

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