Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It Will Have To Come Out


I get up, tired, very tired, I had not slept all night, pain of the tooth. I ponder. Do I go to work and call the dentist, or do I call work and pray the dentist will see me. I call work, I’ve got to go to the dentist. And no I ponder, do I just go to the dentist and be there right at 9am or do I wait and call them and then go.


I go to the dentist for the 9am opening time and pray they will see me. Shockingly the receptionist knows who I am. As in the new receptionist, not the old one. They will see me but I need to wait for a gap between the appointments. I really didn’t consider that to be a problem. I waited patently in the waiting room.


Now what I was expecting was to be given some antibotics and be sent on my way. But no, I was in the chair, the xray flim was put in my mouth and I was told to bit down hard on the clamp. Bit down they said. I said I can’t any harder because it really hurts, I sounded like a baby. Okay and they left the room while they irradiated me. They looked at the xray and looked at me, and suggested that the best course of action would be to have the tooth out, it was very badly infected, now loose and a root cannal job would most likely not work. Okay then if its got to come out. Right. And then I said are you doing it now? Yes as in now. Wooooow, I’ve never had a tooth out and I’m really scared. Really scared. As it happens they gave me the choice to leave and come back after I took some anitbotics, but I would have to come back. Nope get on with it then. You know what it wasn’t that bad. Of course after they finished I went faint. And in the lower head postion with a face that wouldn’t work and after recovering slight, I had to signal that in fact I was going faint again, there seamed to be some panic, so I guess I’d gone sheet white, while they tried to cool my head down and got me a tasty glucose drink, which I was instructed to suck on a straw upside down, with a numb face. I got it down though. I was in that chair for a while recovering! And they didn’t want me going to work.


As it happens I went to my parents, as they live round the corner. There the bleeding eventually stopped. Seemingly I was no longer in pain from tooth ache. Nope now I had jaw ache!


Somewhere in my mouth I had a big hole. IMG_20170418_115923

Here it is


sometime later I went to work. This turned out to be a mistake. I was tired from not sleeping, and in pain.


It was good to get home that night.


You see I wasn’t really advised I would be swapping one pain for another, or how long I would be in pain for!


That night I relaxed on my rug and watched the Big Bang Theory. A lot of them. I hadn’t watched them for ages. And yeah I enjoyed them like I always did.

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