Thursday, April 27, 2017



After yesterdays meeting at the Mersey Valley Golf Course it was good to be here. Trying to decide between hearing aid off and tinnitus or useless noise, was a bit of a dilemma. For the last couple of weeks I’ve ended up turning my hearing aid right down as the volume in my ear has seemingly increased a lot, which has coursed a situation of as I described it, the sound of hard rain on a metal roof loudly in my ear, it even tickles it inside. Unfortunately it has also increased the tinnitus noise too again, which sucks, and have come to really rely on the sounds of the hearing aid to cover it.


And so after a discussion, a ear test again, a retune, a walk around town and another retune I have a more comfortable and useful right ear again. Also mentioning that program two is a complete waste of time, this being a different setting for noisy environments, I now have two new different programs, so three in all. The new one is apparently super party mode. Having driven to work in my MX5 this actually seems to work. Goodbye exhaust noise! Which is a bit of a shame really, now that I ended needed up buying a quieter exhaust to allow me to drive the car in ear comfort. DOH. Talking about exhausts, the place I have brought it has tried to deliver it to my house, several times. Which you may think is good. But I did instruct them to send it to my dads. One despairs. Anyway the card said go inline and reset up a day to have it delivered. This then came up with please ring us on this number instead. So I did. The girl was helpful enough saying it was out for delivery again today, ah right, and so I mentioned they were lucky, today I would be in until 8:30am. oh she said, we deliver between 7am and 7pm but can’t guarantee when. So I said if its not delivered by 8:30am I can guarantee I wont be in! They kindly agreed to send it to my dads tomorrow!

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