Thursday, April 13, 2017



I decide to walk the town center way to the station. I haven't been this way for ages.


And I enjoy the different scenery.


For what ever reason I just got up quickly and left the front door early.


I continue the Rosie Effect story, it mumbles along very nicely.


With work over for few days, I’m home. I’m tired and not sure what to do with myself. I decide to try a night of music with my cans.


While they provide sound that is way from perfect in my one ear, I do get a sense of sound of the bass beats.


Yeah mind blowing. Of course having it loud enough to stimulate both sides also means when I remove them it makes my tinnitus more pronounced. What a pain, but the few hours I listed to my beloved sounds I miss so much was worth it.


And with the buzzing in my ear I head to the retro room to play Uncharted 3. And finally fall asleep in there.

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