Friday, June 30, 2017

I Took Off In A UFO Then Went To Bed


I start the day looking at those fresh eggs. Then I look at the cut it yourself loaf. Hey I’ve got time and so get the frying pan out, cut some bread and crack three fresh eggs open.


Slowly breakfast cooks until


perfection. Ahhh harmony.


Yeah best not to have this every morning but today its really nice.


As I leave for work I take note of the paint colour for the MX5 and go to work with my lift share.


Sometime later I am back home. I actually put my PS4 on and get out Fallout 4. Where had I got to? I decide to do the quest for collecting 5 space suits. She then insists we go to the UFO and fix it.


At which point, as I seem to magically have all the parts to fix it, the UFO lights up and we can enter..


It would be rude not to, so I do.


I hit the start button and the room starting spinning…. At this point I decided to go to bed.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bad Tooth


Today I have gone to work in my own car, which brings my attention to the Bluetooth on my Sony Xperia XA mobile phone. It has a fault, a common fault with these, that it doesn’t like connecting to Bluetooth items. And if it does, do not connect to a second as it won’t ever connect to the first ever again. I mean a modern phone by Sony doing this? I even updated the operating system on the parrot in my car but it still drove me mad. Then somewhere I saw it on the internet what was causing this in the settings. So I gave it a go and you know what, it all now works!


To sort this out you need to go to location in the settings.


Then select the 3 dots in the top right hand corner.


You will find both of the above on. In particular you need to turn the Bluetooth one off. And hey presto no more connection issues! Yay

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

All Bright Again


Day two of car sharing and it is going well. The traffic on the way home was far better tonight. I was first thinking of going on my bike but it looks like its going to rain so I…

DSC_4811decide to get my tools out, and do a job that's been hanging around for a while.


After some fiddling with the fittings and wire the first one is replaced and now working.


Seams bright enough, but are they up to the job.


And so on to the one on the right.


A while later this one is also connected, although it starts to rain.


The job is done, they are both replaced and working. The rain stops and I think about what I should do next.


Well I put the tomato plant in the garden, the one and only tomato plant. This year I’m putting it in the new soil in the dessert area. I mow the lawn and then get the shears out. I cut back the bulia and then the bush at the bottom right hand side of the garden.


Its then time for tea and I decide to sofa it out with Jerry Maguire.


A film full of


romance and hope, and joy, and belief in ones self.


And so I snuggle up in the night and enjoy the film.


Until it is late, very, very late but me happy.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Car Share


On Thursday I arranged a car share. And as I sit here on the morning of Monday, I wonder if they are going to turn up to collect me? Yes this is car share. After doing the train, I’m now trying car share. Hopefully this will be nearly as cheap as the train, but with the added quickness of the car.


By the time I’m home I can advise that the traffic in was appalling and the traffic home just as bad due to an accident on the motorway.


At home though I do get my bike out and wash it. And then I go for a ride on it.


I go via Shoal Hill Common and then back towards town again, around the park and up the hill to my home. I stop for a moment though and check out how the chippy is coming on. Not long now before they get frying?


I consider sitting and relaxing but you know what. I turn off the water and then take apart the bath mixer taps and replace the washers to stop the dam thing dripping constantly again. Water back on and hey there you go, no more drips!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I Thought My House Smelled Funny


I wake up, I wake up 5 minutes before the kids are sent up to wake me up, and that is at midday. They come in and ask for me to get up. They disappear and I go into the bathroom, run the taps and have a wash and shower. I remember last night just, I remember having a curry, I remember that after Matt went to bed I washed the dishes, I washed the containers, I washed it all so it wouldn’t smell like we’d had a curry at some silly hour in the morning. We have some dinner, Roast Chicken, yeah I missed breakfast apparently, and thankgod so. And then I went to the allotment with Maddie.


She bags me up some white plant that should grow wild.


Should, but we all know what happens in my garden.


And then we visit the Raspberry bushes.


Some of them are summer berry plants and some of them are


autumn. So one long season of berries.


A while later I get a racing game out involving camels. Although Matt asked if it involved gambling and was I going to teach his children to gamble. No I say its a camel racing game and then re-read the instructions.


At which point I realise I’m going to teach his children and Snowy how to gamble.


The race was off and as the game goes, you never know which camel is going to win.


As it happens, his children are far better at gambling than he is.


It’s not that we play once either, no now we all know how to play we play it again. And that wasn’t my idea, but dads.


Eventually it is time to go home.


I put the plant in that Maddie gave me and then look at my own plants.


In-between the greenness there is colour here and there once more.


Wow these are nice.


There is new growth everywhere.


So nice to see.


Delicate, devine and nice, so very nice.


The plants are even growing in the wishing well.


Its still a place of wonderment.


And with that its time to go round my parents for Sunday dinner. I have dinner, then go to Cheryl's, and then take a brief moment to see the Greenies. I haven't seen them for so very very long. And a quick visit turns into a nice visit.


Eventually I get those eggs home.


And they don’t get fresher than this.


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