Tuesday, June 27, 2017

All Bright Again


Day two of car sharing and it is going well. The traffic on the way home was far better tonight. I was first thinking of going on my bike but it looks like its going to rain so I…

DSC_4811decide to get my tools out, and do a job that's been hanging around for a while.


After some fiddling with the fittings and wire the first one is replaced and now working.


Seams bright enough, but are they up to the job.


And so on to the one on the right.


A while later this one is also connected, although it starts to rain.


The job is done, they are both replaced and working. The rain stops and I think about what I should do next.


Well I put the tomato plant in the garden, the one and only tomato plant. This year I’m putting it in the new soil in the dessert area. I mow the lawn and then get the shears out. I cut back the bulia and then the bush at the bottom right hand side of the garden.


Its then time for tea and I decide to sofa it out with Jerry Maguire.


A film full of


romance and hope, and joy, and belief in ones self.


And so I snuggle up in the night and enjoy the film.


Until it is late, very, very late but me happy.

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