Thursday, June 01, 2017

At This Point It Would Be Rude Not To.

DSC_4145I do my nightly rounds of the Lillies, I find only one beetle tonight. Bang Bang your dead.


I prepare some tea, and tonight it is real nice. It is a real nice night to have a salad. Its been a while. A tuna and cheese salad.


Infact my parents catch me eating healthly. Not that I heard them coming, and while I sat in the peace of the back garden they didn’t half give me a fright when I saw my dad just before he got right up to me.


My parents had brought me gifts. Two of the four parcels I’d ordered. Where was the battery I thought?


My mom had brought along her QVC plant feed and together we get busy feeding the plants until dark.


I ask what this single flower is I have growing next to the rose plant.


All the roses have started flowering in abundance, and so guess the feed will help them no end.


Well until the greenfly come.


Buddha however looks really good. Really at peace with the world.


Of the 4 parcels the shower and solarcell for camping came. I give the instructions a quick read.


And decide to get on with it. If I can utilise the holes in the wall already I can get this fitted. Got to blame Matt for this and his amazing drench shower.


With the pipework in I turn on the water and find all the leaking joints.


A while later hay presto!


And at this point it would be rude not to try it out, and thus undressed and climbed in. Ah wonderful.

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