Monday, June 26, 2017

Car Share


On Thursday I arranged a car share. And as I sit here on the morning of Monday, I wonder if they are going to turn up to collect me? Yes this is car share. After doing the train, I’m now trying car share. Hopefully this will be nearly as cheap as the train, but with the added quickness of the car.


By the time I’m home I can advise that the traffic in was appalling and the traffic home just as bad due to an accident on the motorway.


At home though I do get my bike out and wash it. And then I go for a ride on it.


I go via Shoal Hill Common and then back towards town again, around the park and up the hill to my home. I stop for a moment though and check out how the chippy is coming on. Not long now before they get frying?


I consider sitting and relaxing but you know what. I turn off the water and then take apart the bath mixer taps and replace the washers to stop the dam thing dripping constantly again. Water back on and hey there you go, no more drips!

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