Saturday, June 24, 2017

Elvis Juice


When you’ve had enough of horses there is always golf.


wandering around the charity shops I got this gem for £1. Well when I say gem, I’d never heard of it. Will it be as good as The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game? Erm I look in the box. There are nine courses!


In life there are some people who just should not camp. You are about to meet one of them. I mean a ground sheet to keep you tents ground sheet nice?! Thats just not camping.


By the way this is him. We spend a good amount of time putting up the Vango Tent.


If he thinks this is big, he should see my Vango dome tent. Of course size doesn’t matter but the girls seemed to think so. And then there was trouble with who was, and who wasn’t going to be sleeping in the tent. I think they all really want to go to Tenby next year. Believe it or not I train Matt on how to put the tent down and away. God help them when they are on their own. Well him really. I can imagine the others being okay.


After enjoying the sun, we all get dressed up again and head into Brum again. Do you ever feel that Dar Ja Vue feeling?


I asked for a tray and was ignored by the barman serving me, but a bargirl some distance away must have heard and if by magic, she put this magnificent contraption in front of me. I smile a wonderful smile and say thankyou. As I head up the steps and reach the top the bouncer there says you must like that staircase. I wander why, its only the second time this evening I’ve been through this door, or have I been through it before?


This may not be the top of the world, but it is the top of Birmingham.


From here the world is endless, time is endless, you should not listen to what they say, they do not know what they are fighting for, there is always room on Mars for me. I just need one thing, the one thing. I reach out but I can’t quiet grasp it, but it matters not, I smile the smile of joy of happiness. For being here makes me happy, I may not hear well with all the background noise, but it is the presence of the people I’m surrounded by, the people I’m spending time with, the friends who’s time means much more than the time of the presence of the moment. I say good night the bouncer, and he bids me farewell until next time, and I head down those steps.


Sometime later, I’m pretending its raining in the living room. I wish I knew which band I was watching, but I don’t. For that doesn’t matter. What matters is I’ve just down loaded the just eat app.


And with that I take a swig of some Elvis Juice and wait oh so very patently. For those who wait…..

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