Sunday, June 25, 2017

I Thought My House Smelled Funny


I wake up, I wake up 5 minutes before the kids are sent up to wake me up, and that is at midday. They come in and ask for me to get up. They disappear and I go into the bathroom, run the taps and have a wash and shower. I remember last night just, I remember having a curry, I remember that after Matt went to bed I washed the dishes, I washed the containers, I washed it all so it wouldn’t smell like we’d had a curry at some silly hour in the morning. We have some dinner, Roast Chicken, yeah I missed breakfast apparently, and thankgod so. And then I went to the allotment with Maddie.


She bags me up some white plant that should grow wild.


Should, but we all know what happens in my garden.


And then we visit the Raspberry bushes.


Some of them are summer berry plants and some of them are


autumn. So one long season of berries.


A while later I get a racing game out involving camels. Although Matt asked if it involved gambling and was I going to teach his children to gamble. No I say its a camel racing game and then re-read the instructions.


At which point I realise I’m going to teach his children and Snowy how to gamble.


The race was off and as the game goes, you never know which camel is going to win.


As it happens, his children are far better at gambling than he is.


It’s not that we play once either, no now we all know how to play we play it again. And that wasn’t my idea, but dads.


Eventually it is time to go home.


I put the plant in that Maddie gave me and then look at my own plants.


In-between the greenness there is colour here and there once more.


Wow these are nice.


There is new growth everywhere.


So nice to see.


Delicate, devine and nice, so very nice.


The plants are even growing in the wishing well.


Its still a place of wonderment.


And with that its time to go round my parents for Sunday dinner. I have dinner, then go to Cheryl's, and then take a brief moment to see the Greenies. I haven't seen them for so very very long. And a quick visit turns into a nice visit.


Eventually I get those eggs home.


And they don’t get fresher than this.

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