Friday, June 30, 2017

I Took Off In A UFO Then Went To Bed


I start the day looking at those fresh eggs. Then I look at the cut it yourself loaf. Hey I’ve got time and so get the frying pan out, cut some bread and crack three fresh eggs open.


Slowly breakfast cooks until


perfection. Ahhh harmony.


Yeah best not to have this every morning but today its really nice.


As I leave for work I take note of the paint colour for the MX5 and go to work with my lift share.


Sometime later I am back home. I actually put my PS4 on and get out Fallout 4. Where had I got to? I decide to do the quest for collecting 5 space suits. She then insists we go to the UFO and fix it.


At which point, as I seem to magically have all the parts to fix it, the UFO lights up and we can enter..


It would be rude not to, so I do.


I hit the start button and the room starting spinning…. At this point I decided to go to bed.


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