Friday, June 02, 2017

One Hundred And Fifty


I enjoy a good read on the way to work. Which is fortunate.


As for the way home I’m collected by Matt in his white Panda. We head for McDonalds on the way back to my house.


When we got to my house it was sunny. When we go to sit in the back garden it rains. I go to the beer fridge, and then consider the possibilities of what is inside. I reach for the Lemonade and the Limited Edition bottle of 150 year old Martini Rosso.

DSC_4176 There's never going to be a perfect time to drink this, so that non perfect time is now. Well to start it. I also get the umbrella out. And well that's better.


Sometime later we head into town to get a meal. I decide on Padma. I haven't been there for ages, and the meal is always nice. Cobra is brought straight to us.


And then the poppadum's, already broken up.


Matt can’t quiet get over the fact they have already broken up the poppadums', or the fact we haven't been given a menu. Getting a menu took some time. In fact we didn’t get one until I asked for one. The length of time it took to get one we thought about getting up and leaving. It wasn’t as if we were being made welcomed.


For a change I didn’t have what I normally have. Today I had a chicken Tawa. And it is worth the long long wait.


Hold on, even the nan breads come sectioned out.


The taste is devine. The service staff may have lost the plot, but the chef still has what it takes to make the taste buds tingle.


Matt concurs about his meal too.


Nothing says it more than a clean plate.


Of which we wash it down in the Craft Ale Pub across the road, before wobbling home.

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