Thursday, June 08, 2017

Only One Thing Can Sway My Vote


As it happens I nearly forgot to vote. I was on the phone to Les for over an hour, by which time I needed to cook my tea. Noticed it was 21:30, picked my card up and headed though the door. Luckily I’d done my home work that day and read the Metro’s article on all the parties. Great overall, but not so great locally. It would be hard for me to vote labour as the local labour candidate only brought Hugh Grant to Cannock's band stand at 2pm on Tuesday to say hello to the local “working” people. Really we needed a second showing that evening for the local working people. Not that every one works 9am to 5pm of course, but I’m sure you are getting the point. Now film stars may not sway me, but here I read the page with much curiosity. And once done, I head to the polling booth to vote Tesco. After all I have as much chance of getting 100% pork “meat” in my sausage from Tesco as getting any of these promises. At least though food can sway my vote. As it happens after voting I head off to a fish and chip shop I hadn’t tried before over Chadsmore way. You never know I might have bumped into Hugh Grant over there, but I didn’t. In case your wandering though the chips from here a good though and there is a car park. When I get back I call Les and explain that there was no box for Tesco on the card, and so had to make a last minute decision based on where the local candidate lives. You may think that is odd, but in Fordhouses the conservative Club HQ is in the Co-operative supermarket. While I’m sitting there on the sofa watching the polling, the Exit Poll is announced. I call Les and explain that I don’t know what an Exit Poll is and can he explain, as they all seem very excited about it. Interestingly it is a made up announcement of the winners. Is this like horse racing? The horse that is going to win is already decided? Although if you have ever tried backing that horse you will find out it was always someother horse that was always going to win. There is a whole lot of jabbering going on, that the Exit Poll is a hung parliament. They jabber about this nothingness needlessly for hours. And with that I go to bed, hopefully the wafflers will waffle themselves to sleep very much like me and I can wake up to the real announcement.

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