Friday, June 09, 2017

That Horse Did Win!


I wake up to sausages. No is this still the Exit Poll the are talking about?


No, it would appear the country is divided between the two big parties. We actually do have a hung parliament. That horse did win. In reality one cannot survive without the other and really there needs to be a union of solidarity about it all without the blinkers on.


Luckily the world is going to be put right by Codemasters. Dirt 4 on the PS4 is being released. That means I can bring out the PS$ from retirement in some 4 months time when I’ll be a able to afford “justify” a second hand copy. Now I know these games cost a lot to produce, but someone is still taking the mick with the prices, and in todays global market, the units being distributed can only be a lot, lot more than ET on the Atari 2600.


Luckily my Roses are blooming. I say that as, as Rosies go, these are wonderfully magical wonderfully beautiful Rosies.


Are you getting the picture now?


Look closer then.


While here I’m making a plan of action. So nice yes, so beautiful yes. In a way though the Rosies are way more beautiful, in such a delicate way.


Apart from that the garden is green. I go collect my brother and when I’m back I mow the lawn, and wow does the mower cut lots of grass off. My brother is busy trying to fix my PC and comes back with some grave news. The storage hard drive is dead, in a special kind of dead way as he put it. Interesting. And with that my parents appear. I get the drinkies out and we enjoy a drink in the garden and some polite natter, which for my family is odd for us to sit together and actually talk. We talk about the now, and what might be the future, and what might be good. Sometimes as my mom put it the bubble just bursts.


I order a curry in for me and my brother, not from Indulge but from Sannam. Well you never know. The change might be good.

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