Monday, June 19, 2017

The Divorce


When I get to work, I have a surprise. Steve Rhodes has gone, gone that is from sitting next to me. For some 18 years we have had a desk next to each other, either sitting in the same office sharing an office or sitting next to each other. He has gone, he is no longer there, the Berlin Wall has been taken down, and my desk is still there, like on a cliff edge about to fall away. I have spent more time with this bloke than he has with his wife. For me I will miss him, for him he has different feelings. But me, I still have the famous picture, the picture that says everything and I’m keeping it. Rhodes I love you too.


After getting used to sitting on a desk on cliff edge, I get home and get my bike out. I head over the Shoal Hill Common.


Countryside on my door step, fresh air, erm I feel my lungs sing.


On the way back I head over Cannock park, me, my bike, and the park. Its so nice.


I enjoy the garden for a short while.


I cut the buddleia back a bit.


And enjoy what I have got.


Even the apples tree is bearing fruit this year.


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