Saturday, July 01, 2017

I Could Do With Some Dry Bog Roll


If only all pipework was lead. Well actually not. If this breaks I’m in big trouble. Today I was expecting a relaxing day of housework and hovering. What I got wasn’t. I had a shower and wash and put the washing machine on. Got breakfast and then went into the kitchen. Erm the boiler is on flat out and I can hear running water in the pipes. The kitchen sink taps are off, and while I know the washing machine prefers to use the house hold hot water if there is some. It never uses it in earnest to have the boiler running flat out. I head to the bathroom, had I left the hot water tap on?


No was the answer. Sugar there's an inch of water on the floor and its like a sauna in here. I got turn off the boiler and then turn off the mains water. I then paddle back through the hallway to get the mop. The mop was useful, the mop was essential.


If nothing else the vinyl was clean. I removed it, then mopped up the water under nether. Several things came to mind. Thankgod the bathroom is still down stairs. Thankgod the bathroom is on the opposite side of the house to the neighbours, Thankgod the floor is concrete.Thankgod I was in!


I find the culprit under the sink. A non metallic flexible pipe which make plumbing easier, rather than robust. The is the second time this pipe has burst.


Luckily the first time it went we put a service valve on it, just incase. I close the valve, open the mains one and turn back on the boiler, and washing machine.


With the furniture out it looks like I need some new flooring.


I could also do with finding some trousers that are dry. They became so wet I just simply took them off, it was easier.


I could also do with some dry socks.


I call my dad to say I need some plumbing doing and the rest of the situation is under control. While I wait for him to turn up with plumbing tools I get off the offending pipe.


Oh my.


It has actually burst!


When my dad comes I remind him it has already gone two years ago and that I think it should be replaced with copper pipe. He agrees.


I could do with some dry bog roll just now.


I head into Trinity carpets, find a man and explain I’m after some vinyl to take away with me, does he have any I’ve had a bathroom flood. He smiles and asks what size and takes me to a corner of the show room. You just need to decide what pattern you want. I consider weather a wood effect wood work. £40 later I have some vinyl on my drive. As in flooring not the record type. I lay it out and use the old one as a template.


I later find the original is a bit small, but as it was black you did not notice. Not to worry. And in it goes.


And the rigid copper pipe goes in. Hopefully this will last more than two years.


Some time later the bathroom is washed down and the furniture put back in. Yep that flooring works a treat.


This has made me late for the relaxing part of the day. The Summer House Garden Party around Greg and Di’s. I’m welcomed even though I’m late.


This is his new office.


Although I’m not sure how much work he is actually doing!


He was also halfway building me a play set. However it is not finished and from what I can gather is waiting for his dad to do it.


I settle down surrounded by good people I have not seen for a while with a good old vintage beer in my hand. The night winds down until I play with the kids and Greg on Super Mario Karts on the Wii with steering wheels. Man how the oldies sucked at this.

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