Thursday, July 13, 2017

If you were hear it would have meant everything.


Well I should really take my birthday cards down. Perhaps I’ll do it Saturday.


I get changed having got home from work and head to Wickes. There I get a broom, I’ve needed one for ages and here, this one looks like quality, genuine quality, I buy it, its £4.99. Although in truth when buying such a product you should consider it is going to fit in the car. As it happens I’m in the Skoda and its vast boot sucks it in. I get it out straight away when back home and get all those stones on the drive that are off the drive back on the drive. Yeah much better. I only hope it lasts twenty years like Triggers.


I not only got a new bag of E45, I also got a new tin of black brick paint. Not that I’m going to use is straight away.


I do another top coat on the top of the stairs.


And then get busy downstairs.


In reality this is a big job, but I’m not looking for perfection.


A while later I’m pretty much done. I’m covered in gluey stuff.


And so is the floor. I have a wash and get my dinner ready. What shall I have? Ah a couple of burgers for one. And with that I head to the sofa in the hope of finding something to watch, ah the love film disc, Jason Bourne. And on it goes.


If you were hear it would have meant everything.

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