Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mop Heaven


I get up and look at my mop. I’ve been meaning to get a new head for some time. I look at the floor, I look at the mop. I put it down and go to the front door.


I get there and I’ve got some mail. Not actually what I came to the front door for, but its now here. More interestingly there is a letter from NPower. Ah I see they are standing up for their customer. Will it make any difference. I’ve actually has a couple of emails of them to. I doubt nothing will change, but if you do not poke them once in a while nothing will.


I pick the milk up and take it to the fridge. I might have a slight milk issue.


I reach into the cupboard, for in here I know there is strawberry milkshake powder. And there you go, one pint less.


The only other immediate emergency is the shortage of eggs I seam to have. I message hen girl. I have breakfast and consider the jobs that need doing. I promised myself into clearing some of the rubbish I have stored in the house and garage away. I also need some keys cutting.


Sometime later the garage is a lot clearer. The trailer is initially full. And now a lot of that stuff


Is firewood waiting for a good burn. Not everything though.


I go to the nearest charity shop, drop off some stuff and then head to the tip. Here in the background is a plant Duson Enpure put in, but enough of that. The old radiator finally gets a resting place in the melt down skip along with the car battery, drill batteries and a load of junk that is unusable. From here I head to my brothers, he has two coffee tables from me, and while in Stafford I consider going to see Stuart and Phil. A quick call and they are in. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. As I drive that way I realise the opportunity to go to Wilkos is available to me. I park up outside and head on in. I get some home air fresheners, toiletries, some weed killer, 5 litres, a miracle grow gun, some miracle grow to go with it and what else was it I needed? Ah some garden canes? Ah the phone rings, its Stuart. Where am I, I’m er in Wilko….


After a good natter with Phil and Stuart I head to the butchers, I come out with hot chicken wings, some good bacon, a pork pie, a black pudding, and some scratchings, and some stir fry. Erm its now after 5pm and I need some keys cutting. I remember that with the town center cobblers now closed that Asda have a machine. I head to Asda, I go to the key cutting machine, it says seek assistance at the photo booth. So I do that, and ponder why. Well in all reality, this machine isn’t for customers use. It can’t be. It needs a fully trained person to use it. And low and behold three keys are cut for me. An emergency key, and a key for a guest. The other key is for something else. All done I remember the thing I didn’t remember in Wilkos, this takes me past the clothes, which I buy, and then the timers, which I buy, and then the bulbs, do they have some that will fit the lava lamps, which I buy, and then the cereals isle, which I buy, and then here we are at mop heaven, in particular vileda mop heaven.


From here I go to get my eggs and then head past the Green’s where I sit next to the dog and a cup of tea.


I stay a while, its good to be here with them.


Back at home, I’m in my own kind of heaven.


And tonight I stay in, me and my mop, together for a while, until I abuse it some.


I turn the lava lamps on.


ah that's nice.


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