Sunday, July 09, 2017

Oh My Its So Big


At some point I got up, put the washing machine on. And then went back to bed. I kept meaning to get up but I didn’t, it was comfy in bed, and I left relaxingly energised from yesterday. There was something I needed to get up and do, so I really did need to get up. I did eventually at 11:30. I got in the car and headed into town. Is parking free today someone asked me in the car park. Yes it is I say, that’s the beauty of here.


A while later and I’m being pampered in the Man Cave. I like it here, they make you feel good. They make you smell good.


They make me look good.


I head into Morrison's and get some soil. And then head back and do some gardening. I plant some new plants in a tub in the front.


A bit of rezzal jazzel.


Give the plants under the hedge some love and then do a whole lot of weeding in the back garden.


I sit down for a moment and have a drink. Hold on I think…..Isn’t there something I need to take out of my boot?


I open the boot and remove the small rock from Llangrannog. Heavy but movable I take it with some ease to the back garden.


I return for the other rock from Abergwesyn Common. I try lifting it, God dam it its heavy. How the hell did I get it in here? A struggle and a moment later I’m doing a worlds strongest man impression to get it to the back garden.


Well here they are. The rock from the bay is the top most one, the rock from the remote drive the bottom one and the Saundersfoot rock is to the right in the flower bed. You can imagine before we go any further I’m deciding where that big rock is going to go.


And here it is, this is its new home.


And the other rock not far from it.


Whata lovely specimen.


And with that I finaly cook my breakfast at helf past 3 in the afternoon.


I get my book out and start reading. This is nice.


I admire the view.


I admire the rock.


This is the life.



This is me cleaning the car inside and out.


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