Thursday, July 06, 2017

Who Was Uncle Albert


After a hot, hot, hot day frying at my desk at work I was looking forward to tea. My parents had come round, and I wonder what was we were going to have? I leave the door and head down the street.


30 seconds later I am here. Yes!


Tonight is the first night it is open! Yes the fish and chip shop that is 30 seconds away has reopened.


And that is just awesome, well it might be. First we need to check the food quality out.


I request two cods and a haddock. Erm no haddock in stock just yet, so its 3 cods then.


While there are some already done, he does us 3 fresh ones and we wait a while. Not a problem to me. I always have to wait for Haddock anyway.


I serve up and we eat outside in the garden.


Everyone is ready to tuck in.


Was it good?


It must have been.


And while it might not look like it, even my mom was satisfied. We have a good chat, weed the garden then water it. We chat about her child hood and I ask, just who was Uncle Albert? Uncle Albert in my child hood was always around my nan and granddads. How long he was there I had not realised? I’m not sure my mom knew either. He was a  good friend of my Granddads, who had fallen out with his wife and needed somewhere to stay. Along with that he was ill, and while he got better, he never did leave….. Does this remind you of a certain comedy program?


After all that I settle down and start watching a film, what it is like to be single…….

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