Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Will I like It?


When I get into work, my desk is waiting outside the office. Ominous, upstairs however the new furniture is in place.


So this is it this is my humble abode now. My computer and files had all been put in place, all that was left to do was for my to arrange it how I want it.


I did consider to sit on the other side, on the other desk opposite, i.e. facing the other way, as like this my deaf side is to anyone approaching me on the right. I consider it, then consider that if I can’t hear people on the right it will give me some privacy from noise distraction as such.


Ye my area may now be smaller, but I like it more. I move the telephone to the left hand side at last. And settle in and get on with the stacks of work I have to do.


Back at home I enter the garage, get out the plastering knife and the plaster. I ix up some E45 plaster and get set to go up the stairs.

DSC_0020I put the top coat of plaster on the wall.


Yeah not bead, after a sand down that should be fine.

DSC_0023I have left the wick in on purpose. Just in case we get the same issue again. I get the scissors out and cut it.


I have mixed up too much plaster and so decide to make a rash decision and get rid of the artex walls in the back hallway.


Now there is a reason someone has artexed this. It’s because the wall is in such a state that a pattern is meant to fool you into not noticing. The artexing however is well, not helping.

DSC_0017And so on goes the plaster. Did I really want to do this?


Oh the surface is so bad, have I made a mistake?


I mix up some more E45 plaster. In fact that is it, there’s no more in the bag.


And so I get this far. Awesome. Now consider what I’ve started again.


Well there’s a mess on the floor. I guess though that's to be expected.


I wonder if the milkman is wondering why he keeps delivering milk but is not getting any milk bottles back?


With that I hear a car pull up outside the house. I grab my bag go through the door.


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