Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Naughty Dog Experience

I head around my parents to collect their old BBQ.


While there, I have my tea.


It is definitely worth staying for.


The BBQ however once the cover is off after 10 years maybe, needs some attention. I leave it and my dad says he will do something about it.


Back at home a parcel from China has come. This converts PS2 to HDMI and in higher res like the component leads.


I connect it up. Oh wow.


I alter the games settings.


The important one is the progressive scan.


And then like the other night.


I sit back and get blown away.


Erm it never looked so good on a modern big screen.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Down The Pan


I come home and tidy the garden. Dare I say i, I look for some Beatles and find only one to kill.


I give the benches a quick top coat and then go and relax to watch the washing machine and where there water is coming from. Yep its definitely the drainage pipe connections. I put an old washing up bowl in there.


Having got up to chapter 27 of my book I give it another read.


It is so funny occasionally. It mad me laugh out loud on the beach several times, but would it you?


Yeah I miss the train as I miss finding time to read. And with that I open a parcel of the day.


Oh wow, China certainly knows how to make great products.


Yeah I might just stay in here for the night, and watch the world go down the pan.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Leave No……..


We pack up, that is the royal we. I was asked how was I going to fit it all in. And yeah it takes some thinking with two of you in the car.


Leave no trace is what it is all about, well nearly no trace.


Many hours later, and the six hour scenic route I’m back home. Only for the last bit from my parents house have I had the roof down. And I went around there’s before going home. Nobody there, I call them to find out they are around my home.


When I find them there, my washing machine is in bits. My dad confirms it doesn’t leak so it must be the pipes under the sink. I take them apart and wish I hadn’t. I clean them out and wish all this was not happening. All I really need right now is a washing machine that works and some sleep.

Friday, August 25, 2017

We Arrive


Hell its too nice a day. This is not good. Not good at all. What we need is clouds, and lots of them, threatening ones. So we have a walk to Aston Park, with chips and kebab meat, the diet is going well still, and my ear anoyingly buzzing away like it has done all morning.


I call the Hearing Aid Consultants, feel a fool about loosing it and get a form, which I duly fill out arrange payment and send off.


Back at home, my mom and dad are there, I pack my bag, the car, and then my brother turns up. We get in said car, and head south, there is no traffic? Where are the cars? Where is everyone else?


We zoom zoom.


As it gets dark I open the flaps up.


And eventually we arrive at our destination…….

Thursday, August 24, 2017



I should be packing, but instead I’m gardening. I finish gardening. I have a lie down, I’m tired, 5 minutes and I’ll pack. I wake up, my tinnitus level has increased, or seams to of have. I reach to turn up the volume. Huh?!!?!? I frantically look around for it. Where could it have got to? I check up stairs, I check down stairs. How did it drop out without me noticing? I search the garden, I search the garden bin? I tip it up and the contents of a full bin, now on the lawn. Hell I still can’t find it. I call the parents round, they help look for it too, it gets dark, we get the torches out. It is here somewhere, somewhere but where? Eventually I give up the search. It’s here somewhere, somewhere in all this garden stuff, somewhere I’m sure. I recall hearing the car radio with it with the lift home. Shucks we they give me another? I wonder? I wonder in hope.


After fish and chips and calming down a bit, loading the boot, but leaving packing until tomorrow, I open up a package,


slip the leads into the back of the TV and into the PS2.


I read up on it.

Screenshot_20170829-213936 Screenshot_20170829-213952


I slip a game in, select the video mode and


sit there gob smacked.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I Love Physical


It would appear love film on disc will be no more. The disc service is good, and years ago the streaming service was okay, well until it went Amazon branded. Then it took a down hill step. For me though there is nothing like sliding a disc in the player and sitting back.


So here I am looking for another disc rental service. It looks like Cinema paradiso will be just fine.


So that’s goodbye Love film hello Cinema Pardisco.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Watch Your Back


I get the mower out and give my lawn a good mow, and then go next door and do her’s. She comes out and we have a lovely chat while the sun set so lovely behind her house.


I go in and make tea. When I say make tea, I reach for that gatueax.


And then settle down for the love film I ordered Saturday night. Yeah its here already.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Just getting FAT


Instead of going to the canteen today I prepare me a lunch time salad, I have a look in the fridge.


I add some strawberries for variety.


I randomly look at the N-power app. Hold on how much in credit?


Then I look at the history. Oh my god they have took a gas meter reading the smart way! And then credited back my last two bills. Nothing like confusing matter. I got to work.


From work I go to Penkridge. I get some half price cherries that are dearer than the full price once at the greengrocers. And as a FAT.


Yep this PS2 FAT may be dusty but it works.



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