Thursday, August 24, 2017



I should be packing, but instead I’m gardening. I finish gardening. I have a lie down, I’m tired, 5 minutes and I’ll pack. I wake up, my tinnitus level has increased, or seams to of have. I reach to turn up the volume. Huh?!!?!? I frantically look around for it. Where could it have got to? I check up stairs, I check down stairs. How did it drop out without me noticing? I search the garden, I search the garden bin? I tip it up and the contents of a full bin, now on the lawn. Hell I still can’t find it. I call the parents round, they help look for it too, it gets dark, we get the torches out. It is here somewhere, somewhere but where? Eventually I give up the search. It’s here somewhere, somewhere in all this garden stuff, somewhere I’m sure. I recall hearing the car radio with it with the lift home. Shucks we they give me another? I wonder? I wonder in hope.


After fish and chips and calming down a bit, loading the boot, but leaving packing until tomorrow, I open up a package,


slip the leads into the back of the TV and into the PS2.


I read up on it.

Screenshot_20170829-213936 Screenshot_20170829-213952


I slip a game in, select the video mode and


sit there gob smacked.

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