Thursday, August 17, 2017

That Is The End Of The Adventure


On the way to work I spot one of these, however it’s not the man I thought it might be.


Back at home my holiday snaps have finally uploaded. I knew the nexus 5 would still come in handy. It’s still a brillant phone, if only the battery was much much better. As in 100times bigger in charge capcity without the size of a battery that size.


Well I went to get my haircut last night, which as I found out and forgot, Swenny’s is only open late on a Thursday. I did however have to go to Tesco to get some milk, as the milkman hadn’t been following my change of instruction from 2 weeks to 1 week, and I still didn’t get any milk. So now i have Tesco express milk. Not a bad thing as it meant I got a full sized triffle for £1.39. Yep amazing and a new travel sized shaving foam. Anyway I’ve walked down and had my hair cut, and then thought


I’d have tea here. I check the calories on the menu. Yep, I’ll have the large nachos then, one of my favourites.


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