Monday, September 04, 2017

Erm What’s Fro Dinner?


Npower have called me twice and left messages that theyt would like to talk to me and can I ring them back on a certain number. Today I try several times, of which the queue is 25minutes to 58 minutes long. I’m not waiting around. At dinner time I try the chat. It takes 30minutes before I get allocated a chatter, who asks what I want, which is intresting as I want nothing, its them that wants me. However they don’t know why they want me. I give them a suggestion. Ah now we have your meet working……At the end of it I fill out the questionaire as objectivily as i can.


What’s for dinner I wonder? Ah chicken salad and coleslaw..


At home I go to bed, straight to be, I don’t pass go. Ah I do have two beefy burgers for tea though. But then it is to bed, I read the Rosie effect, not long to go now….

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