Friday, September 01, 2017

If Only


I fall asleep on the way home. Not a little asleep, a lot asleep. I’m snoring apparently as I’m woken up woozy and told I’m home. I get in, on the floor is the colander, I pick it up, well the pieces and for now place them in the sink. I go for a lie down, and before you know it I’m out cold again. Not good really I have so many many things to do. When I wake I get out of bed get the car keys and head to Morrison's. Someone at work has told me they have charcoal for £5 for 5Kg. And so that's where I go in my MX5. Once there I get the only two bags they have, and head to the checkout. There I meet someone I catch the train with. We have a good natter for an hour and eventually return to the car. Then I go back in shop to get some offer essentials just before the shop closes, like toilet roll, Doritos, kitchen roll, and beer, as much beer as I can afford. All this become a problem for the versatile boot.


Back at home I move the sofa round. And then realise I’m just so tired I’ve got to go to bed. all the other things I need to do will have to wait until the morning. If I go to bed now I’ll be fresh and up early to get it all done. I head to bed. Now If I can only wake up in morning……….

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