Saturday, September 02, 2017

Some People Come, Some People Go


The morning is all a panic. I didn’t wake up early and its 9:45am. I get up, I tidy up, get the washing up stairs, and get a call off Les. I’m naked in the shower. He is at the Podge and tin and is going to be with me in 2 minutes. Ahhhhhhh. He drops me off a load of firewood he has saved. He unloads the wood, I put out all the tables and chairs I have and then we go shopping together. Together is good, it destresses me, and I love company. He has also come in his big red car. We go to Morrison's for more charcoal but they have none, Asda for buns and salad, and stella and other items, Iceland for meat products, where I’m asked if I want it delivered later, nope I say I’m taking it with me, Ho that is a shame because I would have arranged the whole team to come to what is obviously a party they smiled. The butchers for sauce, Home bargains for charcoal. And here they have some in a bag that's by the BBQ stuff, I look inside the bag, its charcoal, and its £1.99 with a sticker on it. That will do. At the check out I’m asked what's in the bag, Charcoal I say, you want to sell it for £1.99, I want to buy it for £1.99. This of course causes a problem. It wont ring through. The lady calls for assistance. It comes, and the object becomes, find something in the store that is £1.99 to ring through. Me and Les look at each other, and say someone in the stock room is going to love you pair. And so to the jet garage at the top of the road, for more Charcoal and logs. That's it that’s 200 one pound coins gone. Les get me back home, I’ve got salad to make and vacuuming and a whole load of other things to do.


Yeah I’m running behind, and at 2pm people start to arrive. There's 36 people coming, of a large age range, family, friends, people I’ve grown up with and generally people I wanted here, could have asked more, but I thought I wouldn’t cope. Hell I’m not coping. The BBQ isn’t even lit yet. Luckily Les turns up again ready to party and advises he’ll get it ready and cook. I welcome guests get drinks, say hello and keep them company. That is until Les tells me the old lady from next door needs help. I disappear for what seems like an hour trying to help her until I can locate her son. After I settle her, I invite her round, but she stays in her home.


More people have arrived. More talking. More beer, more burgers and as people dwindle I get the fire bin out and light it.


People gather round.


There is nothing like a good fire to get people happy.


The Green's even make it from coming from Cornwall this morning.


I settle down at last and relax myself. I get a bottle of FAT Bastard out from Iceland for Rog in particular. He give me a cheeky smile and it is engulfed readily by Stu and Phil, bottle number 3 apparently. It is great to get time to relax with them for once.


Jerds ruins my relaxation by informing me the bathroom is flooding and it looks like it is the toilet. Hell not the bathroom again. Its not getting any worse so I leave it.


A bit latter it gets dark, everyone wants to visit the toilet for some reason.


The fire gets hot.


The beer flows and slowly numbers dwindle.


The hardened party people stay out in the warmth of the ever lasting glow.


Eventually Alan goes to bed, and then Zoe, but me and Jerds stay up until 2:30am


I put out the fire.


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