Friday, September 08, 2017

Thailand Chicken


Friday, I’ve been tired all week and now its Friday what should I do with myself? What is the plan? Do I want burgers for tea? Hell no. I go into the freezer.


And load the oven with one of my favourites, Icelands Hot and Spicy Chicken Breast Fillet Strips. No veg tonight, just wonderful Iceland chicken. I have a think. I have a ponder. Something Alan has said to me. I think and then


turn over the wrapper. Am I seeing things? Does this really say produced and packed in Thailand! Hell yes it does! I head to the local store and open every freezer, is it just this product or others too? Well lets just say Brexit isn’t going to worry Iceland. Whats wrong with growing chickens in the UK? Do we really have to come to this?


Hell chicken in the UK and Europe isn’t bred nicely, what the hell are the poor creatures conditions going to be like out there I wonder!?! Is this a cost cutting exercise? Is it for larger profits? Is it the Thailand chickens tast nicer? Is it so the birds can have better wealthfare out there? Do the birds get any wealthare requirements out there at all? Good on Iceland for not hiding it though, its in black and white if only we would be arsed to read it! But they should promote it properly, that they are a worldwide food distributer. And the conditions the chicks are reared in and the farm conditions, the death factories they slaughter in, the packing places they are packed in. Are their standards high? Are they higher than the UK? If not what is going on? Is Thailand the world leader of chicken production? And again if so what is there wealthfare like? Questions questions questions. Is this why Peter Andre goes to Iceland?

Tasty mind… Now what is this Freedom foods on about I see on the internet I go and check…..

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