Saturday, September 23, 2017

When Free is Not Three


I get up, well eventually, I should have got up earlier but you know me. Ten more minutes. Besides my buzzing ear had kept me awake. I  pick up the piece of paper. Erm Free glasses for you.


And off I set down the road, it is nice to have a walk into town for a change. I like the little walk it is.


I reach Specsavers and say hello.


I’m shown into the waiting room.


And relax.


This is so much fun. Or as the optician put it, your one of our nightmare patents. The smallest difference and you notice it. Well contact lens wise I’m at the edge of the doable anyway. So its just new glasses.


When I come out I need a sit down.


I find a bench.


You see those Free glasses weren’t free at all.


I even had to keep reminding them the sight test is included in the monthly contact lens agreement too, when they tried to charge me for it. Anyway those free glasses cost me £130 nicker.


Matt was right. Project cars 2 was coming out soon. Its already out! I’ll have to ignore the fact for a few months.


In my fright I head to the man cave for a luxury barbers experience.


Followed by Iceland and some Thailand chicken. Yes there it is.


Followed by Jessica’s.


I race home on the bus before I spend any further money.


And hey oh ask to get dropped off at my driveway.


Yep man cave has done me nicely. I look fab again.


Before I fill the fridge, I empty it, I get rid of the old food that has been hanging around and take out all the shelves for a dam good clean. I then refill it with the new stuff.


I even brought two Mangos. I’m not sure what your meant to do with mangos, but I’m going to have to learn now. I call my brother to see if he wants mme to lay his vynal in the hall, but nope he has better things to do. This now leaves me feeling at a loose end, and oddly I now feel so very lonely, I don’t want to do anything and my ear is bugging me again. I put on Collateral. I don’t know why, but as it happens a good film is what I need to relax too. I have plenty of things to do, I just suddenly seem to have lost the will to be bothered. At some point much later in the evening I get out of this rut and get the lawn mower out. Yeah a good grass cutting session helps.


And after I do mine, I do next doors, she comes out for a natter. Yep a bit of company is what I needed more than anything. Now do I set my alarm to get up early or not. I think not…

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